Mark & Elena

In The Long Distance Of The Night Sky
24 x 50"
The Howl of the Opera
12 x 12"
All Four Sides of Movement
30 x 40"
Sun Cased Babylon
36 x 48"
The Ceremony of California
12 x 12"
Slipstream Moonbeam
24 x 50" diptych
The Sky Sheds The Winding Clock - Triptych
24 x 76" Triptych
Coastal Waterfront - Triptych
22 x 94" Triptych

Mark Erickson has a double love affair – one with his wife, Elena, and one with paint. This has led to a remarkable collaboration. Employing a veritable toolbox of modified brushes, pallet knives, air brush tools, all lying side by side with a multitude of found and homemade objects, Mark and Elena have gone on a journey of imagination together through the medium of paint.


In their collaborations, paint is given the power to visually echo their shared experiences, environment and emotions. According to Mark, “life and the place one works in get into the paintings; works overflow in graphic pop reasonings, psychedelic twists and turns of events concrete in our imagination.”


The joy inherent in this collaboration is palpable; the works push the limits of what paint can do to act upon our minds and hearts.

– M. Genet