New Art

Nelson Mandela, One
Time, Einstein
Portrait of Eva
A Beginning, Eva Darling
Dark, Eva Darling
Solution- Deep End
Solution- Far Horizon
Solution- Water Color
Solution- Amber Waves
Solution-Blue Daze
Chief Wolf Robe III
Chief Wolf Robe II from Oklahoma
Ginko II
Ginko Dreams II
La Foresta Ginko II
La Foresta Ginko I
Ginko Dreams III
Gold Progression
Equus Strong Blue
The Carnival of St. Blaise/Rabelais
Sirens of the Mississippi
Delirium Tremens
The Big Bad Wolf
The Merry Widow's View
The Merry Widow's View detail
Magritte's Spirit
The Ball of the Large Seam/ Designer Fashion
The Tease
The Violonist
The Magic Spell
Addiction to Tea
Like Fish in Water
The Mysteries of Painting*
Family Tree*
L'Arbre Généalogique