Paul Tamanian

Blooming Interest
Blue Shock
Blue Shock
76" x 40"
Stay Strong
47 x 50
Touch of New Too (half of diptych)*
Bending the Flow #6
23 x 28"
Marble Punch*
Marble Punch*
77" x 45"
67 x 42
50"h x 25"w x 17"d
Bending the Flow #5
33 x 29"
Silver Tusk
39 x 32 x 8"
Indigo Yellow
24" x 24"
Dreaming of Cool*
27 x 47
Walking on a Dream Diptych
80 x 21 each
Quiet Comes
Quiet Comes
27" x 69"
Tamanian: Freescapes
67 x 47.5"
Frozen Light
47 x 84
Shifting Arch
48 x 25
Atomic Square
Atomic Square
24" x 24"
Joyful Daze
Joyful Daze
53" x 46"
Stare Junior
Stare Junior
24" x 24"
57"h x 29"w x 14"d
Leaning Grin
Leaning Grin
40" x 70"
Soft Play
59 x 23.5
Torrid Flurry
The Big Merge*
67 x 48"
High Expression
82.5 x 24"
63" x 40"
Quiet Flight
60 x 32 x 16
Push the Sky
42 x 90"
Swing Time
46 x 72"
One Moment*
One Moment*
27" x 45"
Outer Reach*
Outer Reach*
64" x 44"
Radical Acts
Seductive Fix
50 x 47"
Magical Thrill*
45 x 45"
Harmonic Flow
88 x 48
Molten Flow
Slow Drift 2
Slow Drift 2
35" x 66"
Brownsville Whirl
Brownsville Whirl
42" x 72"
Quiet Night
53 x 26 x 13"
Meets The Sky
85.5 x 19
40" x 63"
Above and Beyond
Velvet Stare
Velvet Stare*
58" x 32"
Expanding the Reach
Spring Solstice*
Spring Solstice*
41" x 20"
Stunning Calm*
Bending the Flow #4
28 x 32"
Powder Hue*
72 x 46"
Epic Shift
80 x 47
Vivid Sight*
55 x 31"
35" x 53"
Fab Deloo 2
40" x 32"
Touch of New (half of diptych)*
The Edge of Why*
The Edge of Why*
47" x 29"
Mellow Friction
Mellow Friction
44" x 70"
Clash of Interest*
43 x 81
Solo Motion
Solo Motion
42" x 52"
Floating Why
Floating Why
76" x 43"
Quiet Flight III
37 x 60"
Baby Blue*
Chrysalis Diptych
59.5 x 14.5 each
Let it Slide
33 x 11 x 11"
Rock On
48 x 83
Righteous Flow*
Righteous Flow*
44" x 40"
58" x 40"
Slip Dream
Slip Dream
36" x 66"
Summer Grin*
Summer Grin*
38" x 60"
67 x 47.5
Warm Intentions*
One Moment
One Moment
45" x 27"
Aqua Blur
Aqua Blur
72" x 44"
Dreaming Near
Dreaming Near
42" x 70"
Uncommon Trance Diptych*
38" x 43"
Just Beneath the Surface
Just Beneath the Surface
44" x 47"
Quiet Solution II
Free Wheelin
Free Wheelin
58" x 46"
Invincible Hue
Invincible Hue
48" x 24"
Fluid Rhyme*
Free Turn
62 x 46"
Pthalo Fix*
71 x 42
Bending the Flow #3
22 x 27"
Playing the Light
88 x 45"
Phantom Trace
Floating True
No Ordinary Joe
36 x 46
Red Junior Suite
Red Junior Suite
10" x 10" each
Bending the Flow #2
28 x 30"
Bending the Flow #1
29 x 31"
From the Hip

Paul Tamanian


Paul Tamanian has created a new visual language of metal and paint.

Born in New York, Paul Tamanian has lived in Florida since receiving his degree from Florida State University. He discovered an affinity for clay by attending a pottery class at a local community center. He moved rapidly from basic skills to technical innovation, and then from clay on to aluminum. Aluminum, in turn, led him from vessels to sculpture to paintings.

There are two elements that power Tamanian's work: his relentless experiments with form and his scorched-earth surface treatments. At times, Tamanian is able to make aluminum look as delicate and as fragile as glass; at other times his work exudes the roughness of clay or hewn stone.

Donald Miller, an art critic of the Naples Daily News and retired art and architecture critic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, comments:

'It is unusual for a ceramist to move from clay, a soft medium, to a shaped sheet aluminum. Surprisingly, Tamanian has not only transferred his vessel forms into metal. He has also developed glazes of found pigments resembling enamel. The artist has produced a wide range of asymmetric triangular forms: swells and circular arches, as well as flat surfaces he frames to display outdoors.

“His impressive harmonies recall Jackson Pollock's drip paintings. But Tamanian has his own rhythmic lyricism. Although random, his designs satisfy the eye because of their compositional balance.
“This extends to surfaces displaying the metal's polished sheen. The artist engraves repeating geometric patterns on the aluminum, filling in with black, as the niello artists did. Either way, Tamanian's work is totally seductive.'

The present exhibition of paintings, sculpture and vessels vividly demonstrates Tamanian’s unique combination of muscularity and exquisite sensitivity.


Paul Tamanian standing next to one of two diptychs commissioned for the same space.


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